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Beaumont’s oldest black church celebrating 150th anniversary

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 From its beginnings in the years after the Civil War, Beaumont’s oldest black church has witnessed the establishment of the area’s first black public school, weathered desegregation and this year will celebrate 150 years as a ‘beacon of light in the community.’

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A new GOP color?

The national debate over what it means to be a Republican is playing out in Jefferson County, a place where voters walk a tightrope between the red and the blue.

Abbott gives coastal homeowners a windstorm break

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Atheist group scolds Newton Co. sheriff over ‘prayer meeting’ comment

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Confederate monument protest ignites profane rant in Orange

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Guilty verdict in human trafficking case

Young women forced into prostitution by a man who sold them for sex in cheap Beaumont hotels faced him down on Thursday, demanding that he look them in the eyes as they unleashed messages of anger and resentment.

Jefferson County’s rejected voters were elderly, infirm or out-of-town

Virginia Fawcett is 90 years old and blind in one eye. In February, she had surgery on the other eye. So when it came time to mail in her ballot for early voting this year, she asked her daughter to sign the back of the envelope for her.

That got her ballot flagged, along with 85 others filed by Jefferson County residents, most of them seniors. But after a judge ruled this week that all 86 people must be notified in time to cast a vote, Fawcett made the trek to the county courthouse on Tuesday.

“I’m proud of the fact that I forced myself to go to the courthouse and vote,” the Groves resident said.

Lawyer: Whoever sent nude photos of Groves councilman broke law

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A Groves city councilman is being “unfairly targeted” as “a gay man in a conservative town,” said his attorney, who is trying to find out who may have anonymously sent nude photos of the councilman to City Hall last month.

Lumberton ISD to arm teachers with guns

Following the Santa Fe High School shooting less than 150 miles from Lumberton, where three students were arrested in separate incidents for alleged threats this past school year, the school district has decided to join a handful of Southeast Texas schools arming teachers and staff.

“Once, our job was to look at curriculum,” said superintendent Gerald Chandler. “Now we have to look at the safety of our schools and ensuring our students can come here to a safe and secure environment.”

Mental health toll from Harvey lingers

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National politics play out on local stage

Voters are increasingly seeing their local leaders through the lens of their national party.

Take, for example, a recent political campaign ad in the race for Jefferson County judge that names Democratic Party heavyweight Nancy Pelosi, a party leader largely removed from the day-to-day lives of Southeast Texans.

Photos: Silsbee man caught 500-pound gator

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Population in Jefferson Co. drops while other counties gain

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Silsbee couple channels grief into rebuild of historic home

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State faults 2 SETX nursing homes for Harvey evacuation problems

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Supreme Court denies appeal of Byrd killer on death row

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied the appeal of a Jasper man convicted in the 1998 dragging death of James Byrd Jr., clearing the way for a court to set an execution date for John William King.

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Colone’s appeal claims he didn’t get a fair trial

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Baylor seeks to ban short-term rentals near campus

Controversial Baylor emails discuss sexual assault response

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Court orders Baylor to disclose confidential records

Former Title IX investigator sues Baylor

Growing faith and families, Christians follow calling to adopt

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Interim Title IX guidelines rescind Obama-era policies

Sexual assault survivors share testimonies, experiences with Title IX

Student Regents bridge gap between students and key decision makers

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